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Peer review welcome

If you’re a geneticist, please contact us at the link at the bottom of this page. We welcome other scientists to inspect and peer review our work.

Who are we?

An ad hoc group of people who work in genetics and related support personnel. We prefer not to give our real names because it could be detrimental to us. This is a tricky subject.

We do know our science, the data sequenced so far confirms that, and we invite other scientists to examine it and use it….

…As long as they abide by the BipCotSci SomeGov License.

Other reasons we want to stay anon:

–Some of this might be illegal soon. We didn’t break any laws, and will have no kratom-related material left by the time that happens, but who wants to be on a list?

–Credit and egos get in the way. WE’RE ALL SATOSHI NOW!

The what license??

The BipCotSci SomeGov License is a variation of the BipCot NoGov license with Libertarian Indulgence / Mailman Exception.

This allows use and reuse by anyone except by governments, or government agents who specifically promote violence by attempting to monopolize things that grow out of the ground.

Anyone, including government scientists, is invited to examine, utilize and share our data if they are not acting in a coercive capacity or enabling others to do so with their work. And they must credit the Kratom Genome Project and link this site.

That license covers this site and everything on it, including the genome data.

Is what you’re doing legal?

Yes. The kratom we are sequencing was grown and is being sequenced in a USA state where Kratom is legal.


If you must, we’re kratomdna@gmail.com