Download / Seed the Kratom Genome Data


Assembly graph of first batch of kratom DNA. Click for full-size image^

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DOWNLOAD, SHARE AND SEED THE FIRST BATCH OF KRATOM DNA WE SEQUENCED (It’s a magnitude more bases than as NCBI / NIH released):

TORRENT MAGNET LINK (Please use this if you can, instead of direct download. And please seed and tell two friends, this helps keep Kratom free). Is folder with sequence data plus associated files, blast, assembly, NIH’s “pretty good for government work” attempt at sequencing, etc.

SHA256s_of_All_Files_in_that folder

Kratom DNA bonus files (Individual raw read files, Forward reads separated from Reverse Reads):

SHA 256 OF file Mitragyna_speciosa_R1.fastq: 4A9D0B4716134C0EA869EC6CBB0A6A653F9ED3EF0243B399F985E122EA3427CE

SHA 256 OF file Mitragyna_speciosa_R2.fastq: A4384C44B5597090C53D20AE480159B6569FDFC15F3235EDA1B439A45A899E86


Get our small zip of all peer review text files via Torrent here (please seed!)

File name:
Size: 381kB (389854 bytes)
SHA-256 of the whole zip is:

NEW TO TORRENTS? Download and install BitTorrent, then click those links above and our genome data files will start downloading.

It may take many hours, depending on your connection. These are big files.

Once downloaded, just leave the computer with BitTorrent running when you’re not using it to “seed” the files to others.

Getting this to work is usually effortless, but if you have problems, you can look for answers or ask questions here.

Direct download (if you must, only please if you can’t torrent. This has data caps and will go down when we get too many downloads.)

Sequence data only: Mitragyna_speciosa_400bp_trimpaired_rp.fastq.gz  File size: 2.63 GB (2,827,182,770 bytes)

File name: Mitragyna_speciosa_400bp_trimpaired_rp.fastq.gz

SHA256:  7304756227F795B64F5E5208401C794D090234824B6E0A5EB1A176D04D8C54F8

ALSO GET: mitragyna_400bp_paired_assembly.fa SHA256:  8E160BFD4CD36DFE96F2C3CA551C10AB53AF4B295D732EC6C3C1AD3E8E390D66

File size: 319801332 bytes (304.99 MiB)

Kratom DNA bonus files


We put proof of the two most important files in this first sequence on the Namecoin blockchain the day we released this. November 23, 2017 (Thanksgiving):

File name: Mitragyna_speciosa_400bp_trimpaired_rp.fastq.gz

Value in Namecoin blockchain: Kratom_DNA_Project-sequence1_Nov-23-2017_size_2point63GB_2827182770-bytes _Name_Mitragyna_speciosa_400bp_trimpaired_rp_dot_fastq__SHA256_ 7304756227F795B64F5E5208401C794D090234824B6E0A5EB1A176D04D8C54F8-WE_ARE_ALL_SATOSHI_NOW

Registered on Namecoin blockchain at Nov 23, 2017 at 21:27:27 UTC in block 371804

Link on block explorer:

File name: mitragyna_400bp_paired_assembly.fa

Value in Namecoin blockchain: Kratom_DNA_Project-sequence1_Nov-23-2017_size_304point99MiB_319801332-bytes _Name_ mitragyna_400bp_paired_assembly.fa __SHA256_ 8E160BFD4CD36DFE96F2C3CA551C10AB53AF4B295D732EC6C3C1AD3E8E390D66-WE_ARE_ALL_SATOSHI_NOW

Registered on Namecoin blockchain at Nov 24, 2017 at 00:19:17 UTC in block 371819

Link on block explorer:


More info about Namecoin as notary on this post on our site. (NOTE, NEEDS SOME FLUFFING, FOLDING.)

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Oh, by the way, See where the Kratom Genome Project just nailed our RAID Review plans to the front door of science.

Here’s the actual specimen we sequenced:


Chemotype certificate for Red Vein Thai kratom sample we sequenced.

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