Crypto-encouraged Peer Review – a working alternative to the slow erosion of scientific journals and copyright

By | November 29, 2017

Crypto-encouraged Peer Review – and the slow erosion of scientific journals and copyright

The case for RAID Review (Rapid Anon Incentivized and Direct Review)

Most people haven’t thought much about copyright. It has an unconstitutional founding and is a contradiction with free speech that many heralded as necessary.

Few people stop to consider the negative impact this has had on the propagation of information and the melding of ideas. Most people conflate their remixing of words or sounds with property rights. While verbatim emulation of another person’s communication is a form of flattery, it hardly demands much respect when passed off as unique. Genomics teaches us that remixing genes is the state of nature and this process accelerates evolution and selection.

This should be embraced, not restricted……

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