1/10th Bitcoin Bounty for prompt genetics peer review. (That’s $820 USD today.)

By | November 24, 2017

We all know peer review is broken. Anonymous peer review is hidden from the readership and is expected to be performed for free.

This will always generate poor results. Relying on people’s spare time and providing limited benefit for the reviewer is a recipe for disaster. It also can take months or years.

We do not oppose anonymous review as long as the review is public. We also believe there should be a market for peer review so qualified individuals can bid for timely review.

We know this is controversial but pricing signals matter and there is no reason talented people should be guilted into a Tragedy Of The Commons where no one is paid for their effort.

There should be transparency in this review market so conflicts can be detected and monitored.

Bitcoin is a permanent ledger of transparency and ideal for a peer review marketplace.

Since this project wishes to remain anonymous, we are placing a Bitcoin bounty on a qualified confirmation of this project with an individual who is willing to state that they did not generate our original data and they are qualified to confirm that this data is in fact Mitragyna speciosa.

We are not looking for a traditional peer review on a complete genome as this is an incremental assembly that is looking to fund drive the completion process. We are merely looking for someone to demonstrate to the public we didn’t just upload 6 gigabytes of gibberish lolcat pictures encoded into ATCG’s up here to scam people into donating to a good cause and that we in fact generated real original sequencing data.

Also that our 42 Million reads of data is previously unpublished, and is ten times larger than what has been previously released publicly. This can be found by searching NCBI for Mitragyna speciosa.

The Bounty– 0.1 BTC (trading over $8,000/BTC in Nov 2017)

Half awarded  (0.05BTC) upon review of your publication history and competence reviewing Next Generation sequencing data.  We require your publication history for this but do not require any official degree. You just have to be good at what you do, and we can tell from your publication history.

Half awarded (0.05BTC) after confirmation that the sequencing data on this site is in fact what we claim it to be. Familiarity with FastQC, CLCbio, Spades, and Read Mapping algorithms like BWA-MEM or Bowtie is preferred but not necessary. Knowledge of ITS classification and BLAST required. We will make your award public on KratomDNA.org, including your name and the record of our payment to you on https://blockchain.info and we will publish a SHA-256 of your document on the Namecoin blockchain to prove date of publication.

After we agree to hire you, and pay you the half bounty, your review will go public on our site uncensored if delivered in full by Tuesday November 28th.

Review should be 1 or more pages and we encourage analysis above and beyond what we have already performed. The bare minimum requirement is to confirm AT content and ITS confirmation.

To be clear: we’re not paying for an endorsement. That would be unethical. We’re compensating for your highly skilled time if you can confirm that our data is what we say it is, so this can take days instead of months or years in the usual channels.

You will need to put your name on your review, and post about it somewhere that is known to be you…A website of your scientific or educational organization, if you are connected with one. If not, then a personal blog related to genetics, a blog with a history, going back before today.

Our data is here:

Mitragyna_speciosa_400bp_trimpaired_rp.fastq.gz  File size: 2.63 GB (2,827,182,770 bytes)

SHA256:  7304756227F795B64F5E5208401C794D090234824B6E0A5EB1A176D04D8C54F8


mitragyna_400bp_paired_assembly.fa SHA256:  8E160BFD4CD36DFE96F2C3CA551C10AB53AF4B295D732EC6C3C1AD3E8E390D66

File size: 319801332 bytes (304.99 MiB)

Here’s the much smaller data from the NCBI / NIH, you’d be comparing ours to this to confirm it’s the same species, (ours has many more bases): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/?term=Mitragyna%20speciosa

This is an experiment in the future of peer review.

We look forward to suggestions for improvement.

Email to us your name and creds, with links please.

We can extend the bounty review window if we don’t get any qualified responses this weekend, but we are assuming this won’t be needed.

Thank you,

–The Kratom Genome Project.


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