Namecoin as a notary for proof of first existence of our data

By | November 21, 2017



I can put it on Namecoin blockchain for 1.5 cents currently. And that’s as stable as any coin, since many people mix-mine it for free with Bitcoin. And there’s no wait. Takes minutes to add, two hours to be in block explorers worldwide.

Namecoin is not going anywhere. It was the first-ever alt coin, and it’s still being mined. A lot. The hash rate is even way up over the past year, it’s currently like 5 exabytes:


/p for product


/i for identity.

(/d is used for domain.)

Tests we did:

I did two entries on the Namecoin blockchain tonight, cost me 3 cents to do both, that’s 1.5 cents each. (would cost 40 bucks on the Bitcoin blockchain to do this.)

I have 7 Namecoin, that’s enough to register 700 entries. lol.

Here’s the product one (probably what we want to use) on a Namecoin block explorer. Click it and check it out:

(I used “New Wave Genome Project” instead of “kratom Genome Project” as to not tip our hand to anyone who sees it on the blockchain. Since we’re not live with the project yet at this writing.)

here’s the Identity one:



-project name

-sequence data batch name


-location where it would be on our website

-SHA256 hash. (I didn’t use a real one for the test, but just random characters. A real one would work. I used less than the 256 bytes available in each registration.)

This info will ALWAYS be on the Namecoin blockchain, even if we never renew this. (unless they do a hard fork, which is highly unlikely.) And even if that website goes down, there are other ways to view this, including the free software, MeowBit.

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