Welcome to the Kratom Genome Project


Kratom is under attack.

Long used as a helpful medicinal and recreational herb, Mitragyna speciosa, or Kratom, is now gaining the attention of those who don’t want you to control your own body and mind.

Various governments have recently outlawed or regulated the plant, or have plans to do so.

This behavior is historically a prelude to large pharmaceutical companies patenting natural medicines to monopolize their derivatives and sell them at high prices….

…By sequencing the Kratom genome and releasing this information free to the public, we will establish “prior art” to render attempts to secure patents moot.

A lot of people think that plant DNA can’t be patented

Plants can still can be patented, and recently have been. More here.

We’re not trying to get a patent. We’re trying to block patents on one very common kratom strain (Red Vein Thai). To that end, so far we’ve sequenced and published 10X the amount of the Kratom  nucleotides or bases anyone else has released to (NCBI / NIH) to date.

What we’ve done so far

We’ve “shotgun sequenced” 10X the amount of the Kratom nucleotides or bases that anyone else has. (The FDA and a few others have released some into NCBI / NIH , but we increased this 10X in a few days.)

And we’re sharing it free with the public.

What we plan and what we need

We plan to complete the sequencing of Red Vein Thai kratom, then move on to sequencing a white strain and a green kratom strain. All the while, sharing in public as soon as we have the data, in compliance with the suggestions of Bermuda Principles. And we will continue to engage in education and outreach to spread the word.

This will serve to cut patents off at the pass. But it is also valuable research that will help scientists around the world find out more about useful applications and safe consumption of Kratom for medicine and recreation.

This will cost money.

We also need people to torrent our data to keep it alive in the wild.

And we need people to share links to this project and talk it up. Public data few people know about isn’t truly public.

Specifications of sequencing

DNA isolation: Plant DNA was isolated from 300mg of homogenized leaf from Red Vein Thai cultivar utilizing a 45 minute heated shaker (37C) with steel ball bearings. Lysate was purified utilizing SenSATIVAx and eluted in ddH20 at 2ng/ul.

Library Construction: Nextera transposition was performed on 20ng of DNA at 55C for 10 minutes with 1ul of Nextera Enzyme. 12 cycles of PCR were performed and the library size selected to 600-800 bases on Blue Pippin Prep SAGE station.

Sequencing: 2x151bp reads were run on an Illumina MiSeq with Version 2 chemistry. 42 Million reads were generated.

Analysis: Reads were assembled with SPades and CLCbio workbench version 9. Quast and Bondage were used to generate assembly statistics and assembly graphs. All 40 DNA sequences in NCBI were compared to the reference genome and 100% of these had alignments to the assembled reference with a 100% match to previous ITS sequence of Mitrogyna speciosa.


Leaf samples were overnight shipped on a Friday and Sequence assembly was public 6 days later. 2 days were lost due to optimizing DNA clustering for high AT content DNA and low yield DNA isolations.

What you can do to help

1. Tell two friends (or two hundred)

Tweet, blog, post our website. Tell as many friends as possible. Here’s a cut and paste that will work anywhere. Tailor as needed to your voice and your audience, but please keep the web address in there:

Protect Kratom from Big Pharma!

We just sequenced 10X more Kratom genome than can be found in public databases.

And we’re sharing it to everyone via torrents as prior art. Help us sequence and share the Kratom Genome to keep it open source and not a corporate monopoly.
The Kratom Genome Project



2. Torrent and seed the actual data

This makes the “prior art” to prevent patents universal and unstoppable. Learn more and torrent from here.

3. Talk to others

Become educated on the advantages of kratom and other botanical medicines. Explain patiently online in person with family, friends and strangers why it’s false to say “There oughta be a law”, remembering that all laws are backed by the threat of a gun and the threat of a cage.

Embrace this era of new growth, and spread the word.

Thank you for helping us help keep nature’s gifts open to all!